Joanne Rawlings

A Fresh Outlook

Energy Light

Explore New Thoughts

The courage to be you
Love your body, it sustains you, help it to help you
By listening to others and helping them, it helps your soul
Hug a tree the essence of nature heals your body and mind
The importance to learn to lift your self-esteem to get through the difficult days

Ask for help, we are all listening
Notice people who have their own challenges, it’s helps you admire the human spirit
Realise that every day we have is a new day to explore
Learn to turn the grief into positivity to lift you
Open to innovative ideas, discover new opportunities

Your determination is a breath of fresh air
Have more energy and vitality from eating healthy whole, organic and natural foods
Use the art of slowing down by learning new skills and hobbies
Meditate is a vital factor in healthcare to learn

Teach yourself more about what your body needs to become more energetic
Grow your own fresh, organic fruit and vegetables
Volunteer when you can, it makes you feel good to help
Appreciate the help of carers and family members
Opportunities are available just seek, research and read.