Joanne Rawlings

My symptoms proceeded to get worse and medication wasn’t working for me. As I got older and had more time to research, I decided to get off the merry-go-round and focus on other healthy options to give myself a better quality of life. The research they are doing out there to find a cure is amazing and I am grateful, but I will continue my wonderful healthy lifestyle every day and always. Starting in 2010 I found a way to help slow or stop my Multiple Sclerosis from progressing and have a good quality of my life. I gave my body a chance to heal and break free from the shackles that bound me. I’m now a new person; my MS is slowly repairing some damage and has given me a chance to rebuild my body and mind. I am writing a book to share all. Yes it has been worth all the changes and discipline in my life and it is amazing what the human body can achieve