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Drinks For Health

By Healing Guidance

What do I drink for healing is asked, so I wrote a list below to show you some guidance & ideas, it is awesome to start healing yourself with a more simple & natural fresh earthly way.

For my 2 lively cats they have fresh filtered water daily like myself as the everlasting health of my animals and family is important to me and yourself as well for healing –

Filtered water helps tremendously with the healthcare and didn’t want any more toxic chemicals or waste in my body so I keep away from water in Plastic bottles as well when possible . The research on this tell us that there are toxins in water and all sorts of leaching from the chemicals of the plastic. If I forget to take my own bottle and need to get water while out we buy a glass bottle of filtered water, which some shops sell or you can give whatever water you buy, blessings of harmony to raise the vibrations, like saying “I am grateful”as you drink it.

For health every day, the taste of filtered clean water to tap water is so much better – tap water is polluted and has a toxicity that is a burden created to our cellular system. If you’re not in position to get filtered, boil some water then set aside to cool and settle. When ready for a drink, hold the glass of water and say ‘thank you’ or ‘ I love you’ beforehand, during and after you finish drinking. Do this every time you drink any water as this brings a quantum healing force and raises the waters vibration which is healing to you.

Because of the cool fresh filtered water, we tend to drink much more of it. Water gives more energy, less fatigue, makes the skin more hydrated which means less wrinkles, stops some headaches, gives your brain more nourishment and concentration, stops a general lagging of the bodies system and perks you up especially during the mid-afternoon slump.

Some Fluids To Drink – Organic for Health when possible —

Filtered Water – Use it in cooking too

Lemon/Lime water – Squeezed fresh lemon juice in warm or cool water is awesome for the body. You can also make lemon juice in frozen ice cubes and add it to the glass of water.  When you have headaches, stomach issues or sweet cravings it is very beneficial in relieving some symptoms

Fruit Water – Sliced fresh organic fruit; use strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, apple, oranges, lime, lemon or whatever is available. Buy frozen organic berries if needed but defrost them first before adding them to the water, add the defrosted liquid too.

Mint leaves go nicely as well, like apple mint. Place them into a jug of filtered water and leave it for up to 24 hrs in the fridge. Add if require, to a made up organic green tea.

Fresh or frozen Organic Mango drink – Blend with all the pulp or the frozen pieces & a ¼ glass of coconut milk with an 2 ice cubes – a nice treat

Any Organic Herbal tea, brew the roots or leaves – no tea bags are used – or organic herbs fresh from the garden, soak them in warm water to your taste  – Dandelion, Chamomile, Ginger & lemongrass or Olive tea are some of my favourite drinks. Lemon or a dash of organic honey can be used. Oats milk, rice milk, almond or coconut milk can be added to tea if required

Fruity Green Smoothie made with no dairy

Raw Choc Smoothie – Organic Cacao Powder

Alcohol is not consumed by me as it weakens the bodies health and lowers the vibrational energies. You require high vibrations to heal and give vital healthcare, read this article to help show how to receive  higher vibrations.  There are many books out there to help and my book will be out soon.

Whatever you do remember if you treat your body with respect and give it the best nourishment it will look after you.

Enthusiasm is the mother of effort, and without it nothing great was ever achieved

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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