Joanne Rawlings

Foods That Help My Journey

By Healing Guidance

People always ask me ‘what do you eat then?’ I enjoy food and have become very conscious of what is consumed and have made a list of some of my sustenance.

My main one’s are No white flour, white rice or processed sugar, no factory pre-made packaged food especially frozen, no pre-made sauces, nothing with artificial ingredients or flavourings. Only fresh wholesome organic foods like fruit, vegetables & eggs .

Since changing my food awareness and my lifestyle, I have become a new person and improved my healing balance of Multiple Sclerosis symptoms. I am happier with loads of energy to deal with life’s ups and downs.

I Buy Everything Organic When Possible – 95% organic is my day

All Fruit especially Bananas and Dates they are my favourites. Any fruit organic is awesome
Buckwheat/Wholemeal or Wholemeal Spelt Flour – cousin to wheat flours, it makes my baking lighter, is sweeter and a nutty flavour so therefore I need to use bi-carbonate soda to raise -1 flat teaspoon to 1 cup of flour when required
All Fresh Vegetables – Steamed, Roasted, fried, raw, organic …Eating out of my homegrown vegetable patch is awesome & fresh
Rice, Almond, Oats & Coconut Milk
Lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans, mixed beans
Wholemeal Sourdough Bread or just wholemeal, organic I buy online
Organic Eggs 🙂
Natural Nuts, Sultanas
Natural unstabilised oats
Virgin Coconut Oil
Cacao Powder & Cacao Nibs
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, garlic oil
Wholemeal Rice, Pasta, quinoa
Filtered Water with or without lemon,

Green or herbal leaves organic Tea like dandelion, chamomile, ginger….. no tea bags
Garlic, Fresh homegrown or dried Herbs, Himalayan Pink Rock Salt

As you can see I’m going back to wholesome foods that our forebears ate a long time ago, which has helped my healing. My Multiple Sclerosis have improved dramatically with this lifestyle.

This is a process that heals slowly and takes persistence but feels fantastic and gives lots of rewards. Using my imagination I have come up with recipes to suit my needs, which I placed in my book coming soon.

Example of 1 day
• # Fruity Green Smoothie
•  Homemade hommus on Toast
•  Vegetable & lentil soup & sourdough roll
• # Raw & Warm Mixed Salad
• # Piece of Banana Slice
• Dandelion tea, lemon & ginger
• Vitamin D
• Filtered Water

# These are on my

My book with more recipes and informative healing ideas for good healthcare are coming soon

My perception of life has become easier to control thanks to the awesome natural & quantum options opened up to me

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