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Giving Ideas A Try

By Healing Guidance

When starting a new organic Natural path –Why, how come you don’t eat that? You will always get questioned and probed about the changes in your diet but you are doing the right choice for yourself, your body and your mind. Listening openly to other ideas from people is good but do what feels is right for you. Don’t worry about other people questioning you or rubbishing you, you stick to what you and your body feels good.

When I first started giving up refined sugars & artificial sweeteners, changing my health habits and all the regime – which I am writing about in a book coming soon, frequently I was told it wouldn’t work by well-meaning family, carers, medical professionals…but it did. I am glad to have stayed doing it as I feel awesome with so much more energy and saved my health –

Eating different types of fresh wholesome food around some people can bring on some judgement or curiosity. We were in a restaurant, for example, and was eating fruit for dessert when a gentleman told me I am having as much sugar as in ice-cream…I just smiled and shrugged my shoulders. He doesn’t realise that the fibre in fruit breaks down the sugars in it and fills you up also fruit contains water, is sweet and is good for you. Remember to have only 3 pieces a day of fruit as they are the quota for withdrawing from sugar, moderation is the key. Ice-cream just makes you fatter and tired, read the chemically weird ingredients in them.

Some juicing is not great either as you need the fiber in fruit to breakdown the sugars in it so use the flesh as well when you can – apart from lemon, lime & grapefruit. Use organic whenever possible as they have pesticides residue in them and it means you can be drinking some poisonous liquid. Also some of the bought non-organic industrial orange or apple juice have as much sugar in it as soft drinks, amazing. Use organic fruit when possible. Enjoy an organic fresh squeezed orange with some flesh diluted with 1/2 glass water, as I just did Yum 🙂

Wouldn’t it be great to get off a harmful, addictive substance like refined sugar and artificial sweeteners which has been linked to so many diseases

Did you know sugar around 1810 were as rare as hen’s teeth and very expensive…then around 1910 sugar was sneaking in, still expensive so not many could afford it, but heart disease was rare and there was lots of skinny people…in the last 50 years sugar is all over the place and so is obesity, health problems are on the rise especially with added corn-syrup called HFCS (from sugar) in foods. History on this is interesting stuff.

Going out and about, I have found that by doing some cooking of recipes from my book – coming soon & good recipes here – by putting them in the fridge for a day if need, and then when going out to parties or a friends house, you will then always have something to eat out, for your healing.

Leftovers are great too. Just warm them up before you go. Most friends don’t mind if you explain to them it is for your health. I carry a lot of my own food with me so you never get caught out and eat the wrong foods . Avoid all white products like non-organic bread and flour too, they are so heavily processed with toxic chemicals, imagine what damage that does to your living cells.

With all the other new fresh changes in food you choose to eat, I found lots of people are accepting of what you do or maybe they will ask you why? just say to them that ” I want a good quality of life and to feel stronger “ or “ why not, I have got nothing to lose only to gain better health”. – being happier with yourself makes a difference.

When you are diagnosed with an illness of any condition, it is very stressful and you need support. But you also need , when you are ready, to have natural options to guide you.

My options give you another avenue to benefit you step by step.

The most important person is you

Some Recipe Ideas to balance your health and healing—

Don’t tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon – unknown

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