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Good Bye Chronic Inflammation

By Healing Guidance

There is a way to destroy or slow down some of this inflammation which is one of the major causes of some illnesses including MS, auto-immune, headaches, stomach disorders, fatigue, aches, sleep disorders, A.D.D and many more . What I did takes you willpower, determination and of course your wanting to get this out of your system as much as possible.

What chronic inflammation is your body’s confused and damaging immune response to a lot of environmental, physical, and mental issues, which come in the form of things like poor diet, toxic chemicals, and stress.

They get into your system and wreak some havoc in your cells which we certainly don’t want and I am sure you want to get rid of most of it too. What causes Chronic Inflammation is triggered by heaps of factors, but most of them are within your control and can be avoided.

Recipe guidelines for healthcare 

Poor dietary choices like low vibrational pesticides in fruit & vegetables, manufactured processed foods, toxic chemical produced ingredients, too many animal products – meat & dairy, refined sugary drinks and food, trans fats, some saturated fats, not managing stress, alcohol, lack of inner harmony frequencies and no exercise of any kind. There are other causes of chronic inflammation, but these are some of the biggies. If you don’t think that these things are a risk to your long term health — think again they take on your well-being as well.

As you can see that is why my lifestyle had to change . Yes, the dietary eating may be a big change to some but look at the fantastic benefits achieved with my health –

So be honest with yourself, what do you want? I wanted to stop this illness, to have more control over the body’s functions, to blossom with more energy,  and have happiness & peace with my well being. So with step by step of changing your lifestyle & well-being  it will really help, the decision is yours……

Have a look at my recipes for health balance

I love the saying by Albert Einstein

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

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