Joanne Rawlings

Energy Light

For everyone’s healthcare & well-being my guidance is to share with you some healing knowledge and healthy recipes – below. Our bodily fields are immersed in energies which requires higher vibrations to infuse frequencies for healing. These foods, all of my recipes and organic lifestyle increases our frequencies.  As my Secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis was steadily & energetically improving with a healthier intake of lighter food & liquids, higher vibrations, and frequencies, the healthcare starting here is one of the healing processes in Natural Earthly science.

As I infuse your energies with healing light, and also receive cosmic messages re; healthcare, being Mum of 2, and a proud grandma, I developed a healthier build-up to replenish damaged, ill cells which may not be whole and active. To help develop into vital, nurtured, healthy cells, removed are the overly processed foods, refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, dairy & meat, but have delicious organic eggs in foods

More energetic good health was restored & the noticeable changes experienced in health then developed into a natural passionate lifestyle to help others.

“I enjoy creating simple and delicious foods with no artificial ingredients/processed sugar & dairy-free to show what amazing and organic foods you can have for healthcare”

When it is a decision to withdraw from processed/artificial sugars – withdrawing sugars is a high vibrational healer, it is very advisable not to have anything else with processed sugars as you will not get the true taste of the natural sugars.

For your healthcare going no refined/artificial sugars plus no dairy doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a delicious sweet

These recipes are to be aware in the vital life-force to all who desire a good change. For those who don’t use eggs, (I enjoy them in my healthcare) – try a chia egg in baking which is 1 tablespoon Chia to 3 tablespoons of water stirred in a cup, wait 5-10 minutes to form a gel then include in baking like an egg. I read online you can try pureed apple, or flaxseed ground/meal which you do it like a chia egg in baking , Try it and see how you go.  Great for a trial when you’ve no eggs available to use

By following these delicious healthy recipes created, you may start to experience some benefits. With each recipe we have taken out the industrial man-made foods and replaced them to be fresh, wholesome with using Organic when possible.

Healing Organic

Healing Organics

Organic is a natural light healing point for healthcare, they give high frequencies for health and is very important in achieving cellular strength. When you decide to make natural changes, these recipes are for healing awareness & have a natural build to care for your healthcare. Try these recipes yourself for nice foods that are better for your cellular health.

Use organic produce when you can – I use organic 95-98% everyday, as Organic is the top vital structure needed for boosting healthcare, as ingesting pesticides or nasties destroy our cellular energies, communication and strength . Your body will be grateful for the change with more natural quantum lifeforce energy –

Microwaves are not used for my awareness as they deplete food nutrition, & for healthcare it is vital we receive all the beneficial nutrients

Enjoy the recipes for healthcare