Joanne Rawlings

Thoughts & Intentions

By Healing Guidance

The proof is in the pudding ‘ remember that saying. To hear that thoughts and intentions are now proof that it works on your body and mind gives some more credence. The reason being as many years ago I started this journey and my health got better, I will explain…

In my heart I had positive motions most of my years but something was missing from my actions. Reading a book that was given to me called ‘The biology of Belief’ by Bruce Lipton, was so interesting that it opened me up with more inspiration and ideas. I then became a read alcoholic for books like ‘The Power of Intentions’ by Wayne Dyer and ‘The True Power of Water’ by Dr Masaru Emoto, just to name a few. They had me absorbing so many options of thoughts and intentions that were hidden inside me.

Did you know that your body is over 60-70% water and when you talk nicely to your body over time it responds by rewarding your body with some healing. When you can go to Dr Masaru Emoto on Google, Youtube, or his books.

Another movie idea with great information is called ‘What the Bleep Do We Know’ which is a compelling documentary/story and became very popular. It opens your mind and expands your healing.

Also I started doing was called ‘Mirror Work’, which I researched about – also from Louise Hays books – it is where you look at yourself in the mirror with courage and tell yourself ‘I love you’ saying it every day, you will first laugh at yourself but that’s normal… please don’t think this is crazy it really truly works. I have done this and am proud of the results. I know of guys that are strong enough and have courage to do this too.

Remember this is something private that only you and your body know. So change your ideas about yourself, have pride, strength and face the mirror. I’m glad to do it, even on a bad day, it is a form of healing for your body and mind.

Emotions we have go up and down, that is normal but balance is essential and not to stifle them inside of you. When they are trapped in your body they can affect your health causing illness. I Learnt to let frustrations or anger out gently – please no punching only pillows 🙂 and then letting go.  It was the biggest lesson I learnt along with forgiveness –

Saying intentions out loud helps, I say them in the car or wherever you want…’ I forgive myself and I forgive …….., I am healthy & healing, I am strong & happy, I am having a great day, I am grateful’… you choose whatever good thing that resonates with yourself.

Another good lesson I learnt was to make myself smile even when you don’t feel like it. Tough I know but a great test of courage, but believe it, it really helps when you are down, try it if you can.

On our journey it is awesome for balancing your well-being to have great thoughts & intentions. They have given me a more balanced outlook, a quieter frame of mind and a more peaceful life-force.

Whatever you do give your body love and respect, it is a work of art

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