Joanne Rawlings

A Healing Approach is Peace

By Healing Guidance

A soul source of healing and a calming place is within yourself. You do not need to travel far away. The whole of Earth is a serene place inside you.

Choose a small sacred happy spot inside or out your own home. Somewhere that is your own calming area. A place beside your bed maybe or around anywhere that makes you feel comfortable. In that little area, make it your own space, or a mantra.

Place any crystals you like, candles, flowers, incense, mementos, pictures whatever brings you joy. Go to it when you need peaceful vibrations with no technology. Sit and contemplate quietly, stare at a lit candle for a few minutes with just breathing in and out gently through the nose, close your eyes, play meditation music and listen, do anything that gives you peace or relaxation. The earth too needs your peace.

As you breath in your own temple, it is the light and the peace you bring to the heart. It is a source of calming power, a healing space of yours.

 A place that you can gather your thoughts, your forces of healing. An area of your infinite calm.

I am a flower of light

I am a river of love

I am healing my body, mind & soul

I am strength of possibilities

I am peace all around

I Am  

– Joanne

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