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Earthing For Health

By Healing Guidance

What Earthing is, is having nothing on your feet when outside on the grass, dirt, unpainted concrete, or at the river & beaches then earth’s magnetic field has a chance to give you some good vibrational healing.  You know how great and refreshed you feel when you take your shoes off, be barefoot and go outside on the grass.

It is with our modern fast-paced lifestyles, many of us have become separated from the basic bond with our mother Earth.

With research and qualified knowledge, always wearing shoes all the time disconnects us from earth’s healing. Wearing shoes gives us the lack of electrons we receive from the natural ground and it contributes to chronic pain, fatigue, poor sleep, stress and auto-immune diseases that plague so many of us today.

There is now lots of documentation on this, proving how we forget that simple things are one of the best natural healing you can receive.

When you can, go bare foot inside or outside, the only times I wear shoes is when needing to. It feels great with bare feet as you are receiving some healing from earth. Our animals get the benefits everyday, notice that is why also they are calm and loving.

Earth yourself with bare feet when you can for 30 minutes or more daily of healing, go to a park regularly, hug a tree, do gardening with bare feet, go to the beach, or sit in nature with no shoes on absorbing the beautiful nature’s air. Go barefoot inside when possible, and buy online an earthing mat for healing yourself inside the building when it’s cold outside. For an idea when inside, soak your feet in epsoms salt and water or pot a plant.

Many years ago when I was in a electric wheelchair, a carer would hoist me onto a chair, take my socks off, and enjoy some earthing, awesome healing. Now after being natural earth, my health has blossomed with no tremors, stiffness, pain or numbness 🙂

Take your shoes off for healthcare, de-stress your lifestyle and have some peace in your day, it’s so easy to find it.  How grateful we are for this great energy healing planet, our home. Thank You 🙂

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new – Albert Einstein

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