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Five Quick ‘Pick Me Ups’

By Healing Guidance

Organic Apples – When you bite into fresh juicy apple it wakes you and your body up quickly. I read that the process of digesting the glucose (natural sugars) helps wake up your body. It also does not dehydrate you like coffee does. My son, for example, has a 24-hour computer game night with friends over. His friends drink processed caffeine drinks and he, by his choice, just eats an apple to keep himself awake and alert. It works successfully. An apple is a great energy booster. I love to eat mine cold from the fridge and Organic.

Chlorella – They may be green and smell like algae but they give a wonderful boost to every day. Research have shown that chlorella benefits all the body by supporting healthy hormonal function, promoting cardiovascular health, helps on the effects of chemotherapy and radiation, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, and aiding in the detoxification of our bodies. Whether in powder form or tablets definitely my energy boosting superfood every day.

Lemon and Water –  Freshly squeezed lemon juice in filtered water is a great wake up drink with good healing abilities. Using a metal straw I have it daily as it detoxifies the system, tastes so refreshing and is great drink to relieve some stomach upsets and headaches. Great to drink when you are tired anytime. On a warm day when wanting a cool delicious drink, use filtered water from the fridge and lemon ice cubes from the freezer – I make fresh lemon juice into ice cubes all year round

Fruity Green Smoothie – The recipe on my website is so invigorating. I have it frequently to give myself good energy and a kick start in the morning or afternoon.

Epsom Salts – Soak your feet in warm water adding to it ½ a cup of Epsom Salts. Relaxing and uplifting feeling for the body and mind. The vital magnesium in Epsom salts will revitalise you, help aching tired feet. Especially with drinking a cup of herbal dandelion tea (invigorating with good healing abilities) while your soaking your feet. It will recharge you, ready for the next venture of the day.

Have a look at my recipes for health balance

The light of happiness is within you, let it out and smile 🙂

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