Joanne Rawlings

How to Open Sources of Healing

By Healing Guidance

Every-day we give our body verbally and physically a tough time, it can withstand so much but then it snaps. Illnesses and bad luck occur if we don’t stop treating it better.

Our body is our passage here on Earth, it carries us through our lifetime and it deserves an abundance of love. Self-love is a vital humble path to heal with high vibrations. To give and show love is a body of strength and power.

Here is my daily magic energy of self-love giving higher vibrations for the healing –

  • When you wake up drink a glass of filtered water with some squeezed lemon juice in it
  • Look in the mirror at yourself and say every-time ‘I Love You, you are amazing’
  • Eat the freshest, organic whole natural foods all the time, & no processed or sugary foods
  • Drink Organic herbal teas and filtered water
Organic Brown Rice Salad
  • Have a bath or soak your feet in Epsom Salts whenever possible
  • Get someone to lightly massage your head, neck, shoulders and feet or brush your hair
  • Learn to mediate by listening to guided meditations
  • Laugh frequently, tell jokes, stop being so serious all the time, it damages your health emotionally
  • Always be kind and compassionate to all living creatures but also care and give respect to yourself
  • Touch the earth with bare skin, 30 minutes every day, sit out in the garden or on unpainted concrete for an idea. If it is cold outdoors, have bare feet inside when possible and buy a small earthing mat online or pot a plant using your bare hands. Soaking your feet for awhile helps but outside in nature is best

You are important to many around yourself, but did you know that looking after your being gives people around you the strength needed. By caring, loving and showing respect of your body first you radiate a lifeforce of health to others, what an awesome thing to create.

Prove to all that through the few downs in life, that you can rise above them and care humbly for your body. Now that’s where the strength lies

Respect your efforts, respect yourself. Self-respect leads to self-discipline. When you have both firmly under your belt, that’s real power. – Clint Eastwood

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