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Stopping Refined Sugar / Artificial Sweeteners & How

By Healing Guidance

Refined sugars & artificial sweeteners slowly poison and deplete nutrients needed to help sustain our vital energies and lifeforce,.

For our vitality of healthcare, what made me get started was at the shops one day I overheard a lady say ‘Ask that fat girl in the electric wheelchair’, well you can imagine how upsetting that was, especially because it was true at the time. When at home that night we watched a documentary about how a lady lost weight and developed great healing by withdrawing from refined sugars and artificial sweeteners. ‘Yes please’, I said, ‘let’s get to a better healthier lifeforce’.

Using refined & artificial sugars is toxic and devastating to the health & well being. So to improve my health problems , I withdrew from refined sugars & artificial sweeteners and what a great energy lifeforce it is giving. By doing this discovery you became a new healthier person with more energy, vitality and I lost 25 kilos over 12 months – if you don’t need to lose weight you will tone up some muscle and receive good healing benefits.

Withdrawing from the wrong sugars has also helped remove depression/anxiety that formed many years ago,.  It reduced the symptom of tremors – now all gone, I also now have less cramps – in fact none now, the sleep quality improves , the skin becomes clearer, your mind becomes more focused and it reduces tooth decay – love it that I don’t see the dentist for many fillings now, $ saves money, and it helped me towards really improving the overall health and well-being.

 Now I am stronger physically and mentally doing this, and especially with now eating Organic fruit & vegetables,- One step at a time.  Now it has helped remove pain, have more energy, and it has reduced my colds and flu, awesome.

Processed Sugars has been linked now to so many illnesses. Giving up refined sugars/artificial sweeteners has really helped to regain strength and increased my stamina.

Here are some healing withdrawal guidance —

  • READ all about withdrawing sugar in books or online. Get lots of information.
  • READ the labels on everything you eat, processed sugars & artificial sweeteners are hidden everywhere in different weird names. Fresh is totally the best like  “Apple or Carrot” Organic is the ultimate freshness & healing  of natural fruit & Vegetable
  • Put on the fridge in big bold writing – YES, I WILL DO THIS FOR MY FREEDOM Stopping sweet cravings is freedom for your soul
  • Drink lots of water (filtered if possible) as your body is withdrawing from sugar which can cause headaches, tiredness or any withdrawal symptoms you read about – freshly squeezed lemon juice & water really helped me with some headaches and stomach upsets

  • Your body gets hungry when giving up sugar but it will decrease your appetite when you are completely withdrawn from it, so in the meantime eat lots of suitable food within reason, but no refined sugar or sweeteners. You will lose weight – only if needed , start toning up the body and regain some energy
  • 3 fruits a day was the limit during withdrawal . My example was a banana in the morning, Orange in afternoon and at night a handful of blueberries or sultanas or one of my sweet recipes –

  • 1 teaspoon of Organic honey was consumed daily during my withdrawal for eg; drizzled on wholemeal bread or shared in a few cups of organic herbal teas. A little more if in a recipe
  • Alcohol is not consumed by me as it weakens the bodies health, has fermented sugars and lowers the vibrational energies. You require high vibrations to heal and give vital healthcare, read this article to help show how to receive  higher vibrations.  There are many books out there to help and my book will be out soon.

    Whatever you do remember if you treat your body with respect and give it the best nourishment it will look after you.

  • In the Book which is coming soon, I have created sweet food recipes and ideas you can have in moderation. On the recipe page I have written some great sweet ideas for you to try

It is an empowering feeling to take control of the body & mind. Having people see you looking better and healthier is a great feeling. Be strong in saying when you’re ready, “I’m happy and healthier with the natural changes I am doing” as you will get pressure from others about your good different healthy food & drinks. That can happen as it did to me several times but withdrawing sugars and feeling good, gives you determination to keep at it.

Refined Sugar is a big addiction like drugs that’s why we crave it, well letting go of that need is the best challenge and freedom ever you can achieve.

This change of eating will really benefit the healing & well-being . Just will power and a want to change is all you need.

A fantastic start to a new you.

Everyday Health Not Poisoned

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started” – Mark Twain

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