Joanne Rawlings

Joanne’s Energising Motivational Tips

By Healing Guidance

Today Embrace Your Ideas, Goals & Dreams

Inspire Yourself, What brings you the happiness you deserve 

In doing these good ideas it helps get us moving and gives a fresh new inspiring outlook to the day

  • Do a motivational vision board and place it where you can see it every day, Place anything that inspires you on it, see mine, made for some dreams and goals, the picture is above
  • Smile a lot and have happy thoughts as much as possible
  • Read inspiring books
  • Make and eat healthy new wholesome recipes to help your lifeforce such as
  • Turn off the Television & play games, go for a walk (wheelchair or scooter) & get some fresh air in nature
  • Listen to happy Music that motivates yourself
  • Start learning to Meditate or Candle Gazing to bring a higher vibration for your healing

  • Find a new hobby e.g. bird watching, growing vegetables, crochet, cooking, painting .…..
  • Go to a Park or anywhere in nature – have a picnic, hug a tree, lie back & watch clouds go into shapes
  • Earthing for 30 minutes a day, also go bare feet on the ground when you can inside or outside – read about Earthing
  • Volunteer – It makes you feel good and your smile helps
  • Colour in a colouring book – good hand therapy with however the colouring looks!
  • Look in the mirror every day and say to yourself “You are amazing & I love you” your body needs to hear that to help healing
  • Love what you are achieving and who you are because you are awesome in every thing you do for your healthcare!
Say everyday & anytime, place a note on your mirror or fridge –

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