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By Healing Guidance

There has to be a better quality of health, there has to be a way to have more long term energy. It was found through my dedication and courage, getting off the poisoning of processed sugar & artificial sugar addiction.

It is linked to so many illnesses, it is documented in papers, written in numerous amounts of books. This is a poison to our system and like drugs, it causes addiction.  This is why I cut these out ; –

  • Processed, Refined or Added Sugars
  • All  the Artificial Sweeteners
  • HFCS – High Fructose Corn Syrup, Aspartame, Saccharin, Sucralose, & many labelled hidden names
  • Industrial Processed/ready made Food & Drinks

This was serious as we could see what was happening to the world’s health with every types of health issues will benefit and have more energy.

With stopping refined/processed & artificial sugars out of life my health has benefited by;

  • Spasms & stiffness have gone due to my healing natural path which is in the book I’m currently writing
  • Concentration levels increased
  • Sleeping much better
  • No more fatigue & more energy
  • Clearer skin
  • No more tooth Decay
  • Saving more money

Added processed & artificial sugars including high fructose corn syrups, have got most popular and cheaper for approximately the last 70 years or more. They are added to everything they can to get you addicted and for you to buy more. It now coincides with health issues and health industry going rampant.

Refined Sugars also depletes magnesium and calcium in your body with many more other nutrients. With any health issues, illnesses or diseases we need these nutrients back in our bodies to fight the problems and to heal. Magnesium is high on the list needed for anything from muscle activity to bodily functions like your heart and brain to function well. When first giving up sugar I noticed my spasms and restless legs going away. What a great step for healthcare.

Other natural life-force choices were discovered in healthcare since withdrawing from sugar, which I am writing about in a new book. Also in my book are many created recipes to help your on your path – here are some recipes to help .

Cutting out refined sugars & artificial sweeteners is the first beneficial stepping stone for good balancing of health.

When giving up the processed sugars, enjoy glasses of fresh lemon juice in filtered water, it may help you. It cut down my cravings at the beginning of withdrawing, it helped cleanse and detox the toxins we accumulate in our bodies, improved some headaches, stomach upsets and refreshes your system.

There are lots of help out there to withdraw from the excessive addictive poison like sugar, a first step to freedom and balance in health issues. Go to more stories I have highlighted about sugars;

For sweet ideas click the Recipes link below:


No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.



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