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Organic – life energized

By Healing Guidance

You know what, our lives are supposed to be full of beans… and peas, lettuce, tomatoes haha, you know what I mean. We always love the refreshing taste of a fresh fruit salad on a warm summer night, or warm roasted vegetables on a cold day. Why not make it vitality for healthcare and have high vibrational healing organics fresh from the garden or buy locally from your organic shop or supplier. You know you can even buy organic non-dairy milk, beauty, cleaning and more.

Researched showed that the toxic pesticides used in food production may cause cancer, skin irritations, nervous system disruption and hormonal imbalance in humans.

Oh but the cost? to improve health like me, you will want to buy the best to heal – I was on a disability pension so I understand but know personally step by step that it can be done. Second thing I cut out all the unnecessary sugary & processed food and drink bought then we had extra money to buy organics, see article about withdrawal from this health hazard, refined sugar. And thirdly with natural persistence and have organic wholesome foods after a while you will have better health which will save money on medical fees.

They put so much poisonous sprays on our vegetables and toxic chemicals in most packaged food that no wonder we are sick all the time. It’s unreal how much protective gear they wear to douse and spray our natural earthly foods that we eat, and create havoc in our bodily system

Our bodies are laced and are heavy with poison from those industrial type of foods in our system so no wonder we are unwell, tired and have to fight what is in us all the time. Your body deserves to have a better more balanced lifeforce then it will return you with some energy and well being.

That is why my health balance with Multiple Sclerosis of 22 years – was bedridden sometimes, has improved a lot because I have stopped the toxic chemically laden processed foods & processed sugars and go with the wholesome natural organic foods like fruit, vegetables, coconut, honey,  legumes, nuts, and plant milks.

Be determined to give the body every possible chance to look after you and bring back all the bounce in our energy lifeforce.

Have a look at my recipes for health balance

The first wealth is health – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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