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Lemons Healthy Powers

By Healing Guidance

These powerful easy lemons gives the body no burden on the immune system and stops the huge toxicity of toxic chemical cleaning products getting in and disturbing our bodies natural cellular health and harmony.

‘How can we think of doing some good healing when we live in a household full of poisons being used around the house’, I said to myself . The running performance of our body systems having to cope with toxic chemicals is debilitating also to earth, so now we use fresh lemon power, use organic when possible or like us grow your own lemon tree. One of ours is a dwarf lemon tree grown in a pot.

How lemons help us

  •  A few squeezes of organic lemon juice with warm or cool water daily for good health, cleans out some toxicity in the body, helps with breathing & helps remove most sweet cravings – organic when possible
  • Make a simple salad dressing – a few squeezes of lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil to taste with a pinch of dried garlic or any seasoning preferred. We also add a few drops of balsamic vinegar  
Lemon Salad Dressing
  •  Soak a piece of white clothing to whiten it up by placing warm water in bucket to fill then adding ¼ cup of lemon juice or 2-3 squeezes and stir, important to add the lemon juice once the water is in.  After squeezing the juice and stirring , add 2 tablespoons of bicarbonate soda (baking soda) and the clothes in last and stir again. Soak it for a few hours or more (sometimes if I forget it sits longer). Rinse with water or in the washing machine. Hang in the bright sunshine to dry. 🙂 Sometimes it works depending on the fabric we add in but give it a try if you want
  • A lemon cut in half and added to the dishwater while washing dishes helps dissolve some oils and grease
  • We smear a used lemon over the kitchen basin after washing to clean it and remove smells, then rinse
  • In ice cubes trays squeeze lemon juice into them and freeze them to use anytime for drinks, cooking, and cleaning
  • To clean the inside of a kettle add quite a few squeezes of lemon juice to a kettle 3/4 filled of water. Boil it to clean the kettle then when warm pour the dirty lemon water down the drain to help clean the pipes
  • We pour a mix of 1 cup of lemon juice and vinegar over weeds to get rid of some in the cracks of pavements or concrete when it’s not going rain for a few days. We go over stubborn weeds a few times over a day or two. Helps with removing ants nests too but need to do it a few times with no rain.
  • In a cup of herbal tea add a squeeze of lemon juice when needed to slightly sweeten
  • We use lemon juice or zest in many recipes including over fruit to stop most browning especially apples
  • Rub a sliced lemon on a mosquito bite to stop most itching
  • Down any inside home pipes we pour a cup of Bicarbonate of soda, lemon juice & vinegar to help clean them or unblock – see how to do the mixture of lemon skins & vinegar below –
  • To clean the floor, we add a few small squeezes of lemon, 2 tablespoons of bicarbonate soda, (baking soda in eg, America), few drops of peppermint oil (some insects don’t like the smell, but we do) into a bucket of ½ warm water, mix and use on vinyl or tiles We dry the floors with an old towel after to bring up some shine and excess water

Oh, so many more natural ideas to help the environment and our health. When you ask around many people have backyard lemon trees or grow your own.

How to use Lemon Skins –

With lemon skins leftover this is an innovative idea to save $, your health and the environment —

With a suitable sized glass jar, place the lemon skins in – use organic when possible for your healthcare. Over them pour white vinegar until the lemon skins are covered. Leave it overnight then as the photo shows below to use; using a sieve over a small jug take out what you need – removes most lemon flesh and pips.

Then pour it into a spray bottle to use in the bathroom, kitchen, or laundry. We use it on inside window sills too.  As you empty the lemon skins fluid into a spray bottle, add more white vinegar to cover the other lemons in the jar and place it back in the fridge.

Store the jug and spray bottle in the fridge when not in use.

They can last in the fridge for quite a while, I keep mine in the fridge all the time and just now and again remove old lemon skins with tongs (they start looking very pale, you will know when they need to be removed) and replace them with more used lemon and more vinegar as needed.

When the skins in the container need to be thrown out we place the skins directly in the outside bin as they help with the pongy smell you get in bins. Also with the lemon & vinegar mixture we use some by pouring it down the drain for clearing the pipes.

We Thank you earthly nature for these lemons to help our healthcare and to save some money as well.

Recipes to look at help healing, boosting energy or being health conscious –

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