Joanne Rawlings

Fruity Green Smoothie


It is so great to make delicious recipes the whole family enjoys. Better nutrition for everyone’s health with
no processed sugar, no dairy, no meat, no manufactured sauces. Use organic food where possible, your body will thank you.
Fruity Green Smoothie

Energy Light

  • 2 Leaves of Kale, Silverbeet or Spinach – Any greens will be good, even add diced celery, cucumber or avocado
  • 1-2 Pitted Dates or a handful of grapes,diced kiwifruit or sliced apple
  • 1 Ready to Eat Banana – or frozen and diced
  • ½ Cup of Water, 1 ice cube & plant milk to taste
  • 1 teaspoon of Chlorella powder, flaxseeds, Chia Seeds, or unrefined hemp seed oil – Use all Organic for Health
  1.  Place the green leafy vegetables, cucumber or celery (even try avocado) in a blender with liquid and ice cube, mix them well for 1- 2 minutes
  2. Then add the dates or grapes etc, banana, chia, flaxseeds, hemp or chlorella and mix for a further 1 – 2 minutes. I use chlorella in everything as well as others like flaxseeds ……Great for boosting energy levels during the day or night. Serves 1

Joanne’s Tip – Place a glass in the fridge beforehand for a nice cold drink. Experiment with different diced fruit like apple or kiwifruit, even mango. We like a few slices of avocado in this sometimes as it adds a more creamy flavour. Cold organic oats or almond milk can be used instead of water.

Go Green for Healing & Use Organic for healthcare when possible

When you decide to withdraw from processed/artificial sugar  it is advised not to have anything else with processed sugars as you will not get the true taste of natural sugar recipes that we have created